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Innovative Project Engineers

Not For Profit

At Higginson Consulting Ltd. we believe in community.  We are actively supporting non-profit groups whenever we can.

From volunteer parties to large scale construction projects, we are able to scale our resources to suit the project size.

In situations where your operating budget cannot support the addition of another staff member, our team can work under the capital budget on a project specific basis.  Once the project is complete there is no change to your operations.

Just looking for some advice and not a full time project manager?  We do that too.

We have experience with road building, parking areas, retaining walls, underground utilities, aggregate production, trails, residential (single family and multi-family), and commercial projects.

Not sure if we’d be a good fit? It never hurts to ask. Give us a free call and we’d be happy to talk: +1 250 732 8308 or email at