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About Higginson Consulting

Based on beautiful southern Vancouver Island, Higginson Consulting Ltd. is a growing collection of professionals earning a reputation throughout Western Canada as a reliable, energetic, and efficient team of civil, structural, and project engineers. We take pride in being problem solvers, and seek out challenging projects wherever possible. It is our ability to be adaptable, focused, and playful that enables us to be nimble in an ever changing marketplace.

“Higginson Consulting Ltd. is a collection of individuals who form a team that thrive on difficult and unique challenges. Our strength of both internal and external resources is focused on one thing – delivering solutions. These solutions are refreshing and simple, which help contribute to sustainable project execution; financially, socially, and environmentally. We aren’t perfect, the projects aren’t perfect, and the world isn’t perfect, but through a collective desire to see projects be successful, our team is able to confidently approach all projects with the knowledge that imperfections can be resolved, challenges can be overcome, and engineering and construction can be fun.

The world needs more days with FUN in them, and we believe that too. At Higginson Consulting Ltd. we know that the workplace should have some adventure, as this ultimately breeds innovation. This philosophy is shown throughout our organization and we look forward to sharing it with you too.

Please take the time to look around our website. We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business”

Andrew Higginson, P. Eng
Andrew Higginson, P. Eng
Company Principal

Our Mission

Our Mission is to bring integrity and accountability to the engineering and construction industry through our involvement with the project owner, engineers, and contractors; and by focusing on seeking solutions and building positive relationships the project will, as a result, be successful.

Our Vision

Fundamentally, we believe that successful projects revolve around three values: Integrity, Passion and Respect.

  • Integrity for all decisions and actions.
  • Passion for the project.
  • Respect is first and foremost.
  • We believe that the design, engineering, and construction industry is changing, and with this change is the opportunity for new methods, improved client service, and better project delivery. Being progressive and thinking out side of the box will get you where you want.