Innovative Project Engineers


In small communities or large cities, our team has experience with all aspects of municipal needs and requirements.  From feasibility studies, to concept plans and tendering, to detailed design and implementation, we have the skills to ensure the public’s interest is kept first and foremost.

We also understand the nuances of working with public funding thresholds (such as TILMA), and working within the public processes.

Within the realm of municipal projects, we can provide the following:


- water network analysis

- pipe distribution schematics

- new service designs

- construction supervision

- water quality analysis including certification.


- Type 1 systems (septic tanks and disposal fields)

- Type 2 systems (small treatment plant and disposal field)

- Type 3 systems (advanced treatment plant)

- pipe collection schematics & design

- construction supervision


- soak-away pits (rock pits)

- collection chambers and settling tanks

- pipe collection schematics & design

- open drainage ditches, including energy dissipation or erosion reduction techniques

- pollutant control and discharge (ex. oil / water separation)

Land Topography / Material Balancing:

- topographical land use planning

- material cut to fill balancing

- site grading

Roadway Design:

- road, highway, parking lot design, inclusive of subgrade preparation, base gravels, and pavement selection

- sidewalks, curb and gutter, and driveways