Innovative Project Engineers


Residential development and building code regulations are constantly changing.  More often than not, a jurisdiction will require an engineer to review residential permit applications, and this is where our experience comes into play.

Our approach involves coming up with a cost-effective tailored solution for your home, and not over-designing or making your project more complicated than it needs to be.

Within the realm of residential projects, we can provide the following:


– new service designs

– construction supervision

– water quality analysis including certification.


– Type 1 systems (septic tanks and disposal fields)

– Type 2 systems (small treatment plant and disposal field)

– Type 3 systems (advanced treatment plant)

– pipe collection schematics & design

– construction supervision


– soak-away pits (rock pits)

– collection chambers and settling tanks

– pipe collection schematics & design

– open drainage ditches, including energy dissipation or erosion reduction techniques

– pollutant control and discharge (ex. oil / water separation)

Land Topography / Material Balancing:

– topographical land use planning

– material cut to fill balancing

– site grading

Roadway Design:

– cul-de-sacs, highway access points, and jurisdiction approvals

– sidewalks, curb and gutter, and driveways